Online training includes classes in:

  • Taoyin: Kung Fu Yoga Stretching for flexibility training
  • Qigong: Energy Cultivation meridian exercises and Tai Chi
  • Zifagong: Spontaneous Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Catharsis and Shaking Meditation (Neurogenic Tremoring)
  • Neigong: Embryonic breathing, Bone marrow breathing, Inner Smile, 6 healing sounds. 3 Minds in 1, Sexual Kung Fu and Sexual Hygiene.
  • Souwang: Sitting and forgetting meditation, Innernal Alchemy (Neiguan & Neiye training) to promote mind balance and healthy brain chemicals.


Testimony by Indian Yogi at Tao Garden Thailand

Testimonies from our students.

Testimonial Mt Warning

Testimonial from fellow students.

What we can offer you?

During all training both online or in-person, you will be introduced into the Taoist medical healing system of Neidan (Internal Alchemy) by Dr. Johnathon Dao, and how you can use these skills for self-healing, emotional intelligence and cultivating your Qi (Life force energy).

This system of meditation and movement is designed to address your physical and emotional health, trauma, PTSD and increase emotional intelligence, heart intelligence and move us into feeling.

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